Английский язык для нефтяных специальностей

Английский язык для нефтяных специальностей, технический английский, по разным специальностям: геология, бурение, нефтеразнаботка, геофизика капитальный ремонт скважин, машины и оборудование нефтяного промысла и т.д.

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понедельник, 21 мая 2007 г.

Английский для нефтяных специальностей, продолжение...

Здравствуйте, продолжение текстов на английском языке
Текст про Давление.


Normal Pressure
In a container filled with liquid, the liquid at the bottom of the container is under pressure from the weight and height of the liquid above. The same concept applies to fluids in the Earth's formations, hi a normally pressured formation the fluids in the formation have a pressure exerted on them by the weight and height of the fluids above. The weight of rock above does not enter the equation. There must be communication from surface via permeable formations, so the only force acting is the static column of fluid. This pressure force is known as Hydrostatic Pressure.
Abnormal Pressure
If a reservoir does not have communication to surface and Hydrocarbons have migrated up from a lower source, they will have migrated retaining some of their original overpressure. This, combined with the extra pressure created by the weight of overlying beds squeezing the trapped fluids, will result in an abnormal pressure regime.

Seismic Survey
In a relatively unexplored area the explorationist must study surface topography and near surface structures as well as geographic features in order to narrow down areas small enough for detailed analysis.
Once this has been completed, a seismic survey can be undertaken. Seismic surveys give the explorationist precise details of the structure and stratigraphy beneath the surface. Data is collected by creating vibrations, detecting them with a seismometer, recording them with a seismograph and depicting them on a seismogram which generates a seismic section.

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Даа! Ваще реальный текст!!!

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